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History of Marriage
The name "Tapestry of Polygamy" was introduced at our first meeting when someone mentioned that by living polygamy we had each woven a unique story. Although all of our experiences in polygamy varied greatly, several common threads held us together, including an overwhelming desire to help liberate families adversely affected by polygamy.
Salt Lake City, that clean and modern community you saw before you on the television, or in person, when you watched the 2002 Olympic winter games, has another aspect you may not know of. The government of the state of Utah went all out to show this city in its best possible aspect. But there is another side to Salt Lake City, a very dark side indeed. Mere children are institutionally raped and enslaved, both mentally and physically, by their patriarchal masters. As is evidenced in the case of Tom Green, the institution is one of long-standing in this state; I, of course, mean polygamy.
Americans Against Abuses of Polygamy is a non-profit, conservative feminist, human rights organization, based in Texas. The AAAP is dedicated to educating the public on the human rights abuses inherent within the cultural practice of polygamy, worldwide and within the United States, and the potential dangers of decriminalization of the felony practice.

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